Water Tank liner

What is water tank liner fabric?


Tank liners are an affordable solution to a broad range of water storage tank problems, Liners can be used in new tanks or in existing tanks that leak, or have rust issues, this includes tanks made of wood, concret, or metarl, tanks need not be liquid tight, only structurally surround.

If you have a cracked, rusted or ‘mystery’ leak in your water tank, chances are you’ve already tried patching it. In fact, you’ve probably patched it several times, and now you are looking for a more permanent solution. A tank liner can be made to suit any size or style of tank – for domestic, industrial, rural or commercial use.

Ideal for older tanks with rust or cracks, repairing concrete water tanks, or newer tanks which have been punctured or cracked following ground movement. A tank liner is also commonly used for water tank refurbishments following bushfires to protect from contamination and corrosion. As long as the tank shell itself is structurally sound (ie able to hold its intended capacity), a liner is a cost effective, durable alternative to traditional tank repair methods.

A tank liner will protect against leakage, erosion and contamination from the tank outer. Made from a variety of heavy-duty, specialist fabrics which will not wick or seep, ABGAL water tank liners are flexible, Suitable for open and closed top tanks of all construction types, including concrete, galvanised, corrugated iron, fibreglass, brick and poly.

All potable liners certified to FDA or AS/NZS4020:2005 for drinking water.

Flexible pvc material. With high tenacity. No mildew issue. And no smells.

With high performance welding strength to make sure the liners are no leaking and water/air tight.

General quality: 650gsm, 700gsm, 900gsm.

The Tank Liners are made from flexible PVC, are seam welded together for a maximized strength and durability. We can provide fabric in rolls or We will customize your tank liner to the exact dimensions of your tank for the perfect fit every time. Also tank liners are ideal for hard chrome, anodizing, and electro less nickel applications in the plating industry, water containment and catchment, and liquid storage.

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