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What is Transparent Clear PVC?

What is Transparent Clear PVC?
The transparent clear PVC is a film sheet made by Polyvinyl chloride through a calender machine; there are two type of production, calender and extrusion.
Its single layer sheet, unsupported PVC film.

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What is the production process of transparent clear PVC?
The PVC is originally powder or paste in color white, for Clear PVC we use PVC Powder, for technical textile tarpaulin fabric we use paste, it’s same compose in different form, for different type of production.
Through the calender machine with plasticizer, Calendering is the process of passing the heated PVC plastic through the gap between 6 pairs of oppositely rotating horizontal rollers, so that the material is subjected to extrusion and extension, and becomes a thin product with a certain thickness, width and smooth surface. With the tension and rolling system, the film has been rolled on different roll length. Before the rolling, the cooling system is very import to cool down the PVC film where it has been high temperature during process of calendering. Also it will be again in the cold storage 24 hours for cooling and stabilize, this will make the transparent clear PVC more stable in dimension and flat, as well as avoid stick between the layer of rolling the clear PVC.

PVC Characters

When there is requirement of embossing, it will be embossed with different design during process of finishing.
The composition of raw material is so important to a fabric based on different application like UV resistance, fire resistance, environmental protective, waterproof, easy weld, suitable for printing etc.

PVC Calender

What is Application of Transparent Clear PVC? And what thickness of the Clear PVC we do?
As a professional Clear PVC manufacturer in China, we produce high quality super Clear PVC sheet and also ready welded PVC sheeting, The Clear PVC we made are high transparency, with technology of Davis Standard USA, similar to Japan and Taiwan product. The product can be used for tents, pergola, shades, rain coats, table cloth, bags, packages, and anything you want to cover or protect. Like for the manufacture of see-through doors or windows,, wind shields curtains, partitions in industrial and commercial buildings. Crystal clear PVC vynil is also used for external atmospheric conditions,  design of windproof curtains, for protection and insulation against wind and cold, Open public area catering establishments, winter gardens, taverns, bars, restaurants, gazebos, pergola, halls, tents and many other application the fabricator will design..
The main thickness and color for the Flexible Crystal Clear PVC roll:
Production Type Super Clear Colored
Extrusion 0.1mm
1.2mm Smoked Black
Features High Transparency
REACH Compliant
UV Resistance
Dimension Stability Fire Resistance
REAH Compliant
UV Resistance
Dimension Stability

What is the common size of Clear PVC rolls?
This is mainly depends on fabric application and your market behavior. Here some popular product for example:
Awning Fabric Truck Tarp Tent Fabric, Tent Window
1.83m 1.5m,
2m 1.4m
What is the loading quantity for 20ft/40ft container?
Usually the container limited weight is 25000kg, during the busy season of COVID situation, shipping company may reduce limited weight or add freight to a heavy container more than 20000kg or 23000kg etc. Here are some popular items loading quantity:
0.2mm 0.3mm 0.40gsm 0.5mm 0.6mm 0.7mm 0.8mm 1mm
60000m2 50000m2 40000m2 35000m2 28000m2 25000m2 20000m2 17000m2
For readymade tarps or stitched products, it depends on size and accessary used, for details loading quantity please check with your sales consultant.
What is the roll diameter?
Depend on the fabric weight and roll liner meters, here some popular items for example, Kraft paper or clear film packing:
length 0.2mm
50m 0.3mm
50m 0.4mm
50m 0.5mm
50m 0.6mm
50m 0.7mm
50m 0.8mm
50m 1mm
Roll Diameter 140mm 160mm 180mm 200mm 220mm 235mm 250mm 270mm
Marks: for hard tube packing, the diameter will be 40mm more.
Here loading photos:

Tarpaulin Loading Container quantity

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