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What is TPU fabric Polyether type (Ether) and Polyester type (Ester)?

What is TPU fabric Polyether type (Ether) and Polyester type (Ester)?

TPU Coated fabric 1

TPU coated fabric is TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethanes) coated on nylon or 100% polyester oxford fabric in both sides or one side.

TPU:Thermoplastic Polyurethanes The first application of TPU is as an environmental friendly replacement of PVC and performs better in low temperature properties, abrasion resistance, flex properties, plasticizer migration.

What is the application of TPU Coated fabric technical textile? The TPU fabric can used in :


TPU medical bag urine bag Inflatable bag

air bag


Flexible Storage Tanks

Water bladders

Environmental Control

Marine Safety



TPU Coated fabric application

1. Polyether type (Ether): high strength, hydrolysis resistance and high resilience, good low temperature performance.

2. Polyester type (Ester): good tensile properties, flexural properties, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and higher temperature resistance.

The difference of the soft segment has the following influence on the physical properties:

performance comparison Tensile Strength Polyester > Polyether

Tear Strength Polyester Series>Polyether Series

Wear Resistance Polyester Series>Polyether Series

Chemical Resistance Polyester Series>Polyether Series

Transparency Polyester > Polyether Antibacterial Resistance

Polyester Series<Polyether Series

Moisture Evaporability Polyester Series<Polyether Series

Low temperature impact resistance polyester series < polyether series

Polyether polyols are alcohol polymers or oligomers with ether bonds in the main chain structure of the molecule and hydroxyl groups at the end groups. Because of the low binding energy of the ether bond in its structure, it is easy to rotate. Therefore, polyether TPU has excellent low temperature flexibility, hydrolysis resistance, mildew resistance, UV resistance, etc. The product feels good, but the peel strength and breaking strength are relatively poor.

Advantages of TPU:

1. Excellent wear resistance. Especially under the working conditions where there are wetting media such as water and oil, its wear resistance is often several times and dozens of times that of ordinary rubber materials. Although metal materials such as steel are very hard, they are not necessarily wear-resistant. For example, in the large-scale water pump in the Yellow River irrigation area, the metal mouth ring and protection ring of the over-current components have been washed by a large amount of sediment, and they will be seriously worn and leaked within a few hundred hours. , and the mouth ring and protective ring covered with polyurethane elastomer have been continuously operated for 1800 hours without being worn. Others such as the rubber rollers for rice milling machines, vibrating screen sieves for coal preparation, track race tracks in sports fields, dynamic oil seals for cranes and forklifts, elevator wheels and roller skate wheels, etc. are also polyurethane elastomers. of use. A point to be mentioned here is that in order to improve the friction coefficient of low and medium hardness polyurethane elastomer parts and improve the wear resistance under load, a small amount of aluminum disulfide, graphite or silicone oil can be added to this type of polyurethane elastomer. lubricant.

2. Through the selection of raw materials and the adjustment of the formula, it can be changed within a certain range to meet the different requirements of users for product performance. For example, hardness is often an important indicator for users of products. Polyurethane and elastomer can be made into soft printing rubber rollers with Shore A hardness of about 20, and hard steel rolling rubber with Shore D hardness of more than 70. Roller, which is difficult for general elastomer materials. Polyurethane elastomer is a polar molecular material composed of many flexible segments and rigid segments. As the ratio of rigid segments increases and the density of polar groups increases, the original strength and hardness of the elastomer will increase accordingly.

3. Various processing methods and wide applicability. Polyurethane elastomers can be molded by plasticizing, kneading and vulcanization (refer to MPU) like general-purpose rubbers; they can also be made into liquid rubber, cast molding or spraying, potting, centrifugal molding (referring to CPU); also It can be made into pellets, like ordinary plastics, and molded by injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding and other processes (referring to CPU). Molded or injection molded parts can also be processed by cutting, grinding, drilling and other machining within a certain hardness range. The diversity of processing makes the applicability of polyurethane elastomers very wide, and the application fields continue to expand.

4. Oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, low temperature resistance, good sound permeability, strong adhesion, excellent biocompatibility and blood compatibility. These advantages are the reason why polyurethane elastomers are widely used in military, aerospace, acoustics, biology and other fields.

Thin film TPU is increasingly popular because of its superior performance and environmental protection concept. At present, wherever PVC is used, TPU can become a substitute for PVC. TPU film can not only be laminated with various fabrics, but also can produce products with clear contours and stable dimensions by vacuum thermoforming. With the continuous improvement of domestic environmental protection awareness, the application of TPU is becoming more and more extensive. Among them, the areas that increase rapidly: shoe upper lining, thermal underwear, transparent underwear, transparent shoulder straps, elastic bands and medical breathable tapes

For example the outdoor waterproof both sided coated TPU fabric on 420D/840D Nylon base cloth for bag, backpacks:

1) 100% Waterproof
2) Hydrolysis Resistance ,Abrasion Resistance, Oil Resistance and Ageing resistance
3) Excellent low temperature flexibility,  -55℃ without causing cracks.
4) High Airtightness performance for inflatable products
5) Good Tensile Strength and Tearing Strength
6) High flexibility and rebound resilience
7) Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, could be decomposed by microorganism within 3-5 years when buried. able to meet FDA requirements.

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