Tree Watering Bag is a very commonly used environmental product made by PVC coated fabric in worldwide, they wrap around the bottom of a tree’s trunk in a doughnut shape or bag shape. And it is durable, which can be used for a long time, it also can be recycled for use on other trees.

Normally 15 or 20 gallons of water can maintain a slow release for 5-8 hours. Even lager more than 20 gallons spec available for maintain water slow-release long time. There are small holes on the bottom of the bag to keep the slow irrigation of the tree.

Perfect for agriculture, city green management, garden management that want make sure the plants are properly watered. Easy to use and operate, bring much convenience. Manufactured with good material, creative, effortless and practical. The tree watering bag provides trees continuous watering without leakage so that you can save lot of time and labor. This is the perfect choice for watering any indoor or outdoor.

tree watering bag2

Tree Watering Bag Product Feature.

  • High quality PVC coted fabric
  • High temperature resistant and UV resistant.
  • Durable and tear-resistant, reusable long time.
  • The PVC fabric joint is by high frequency welding.
  • Large capacity in varies size.

Tree Watering Bag Adventure.

  • Durable Material: These tree bags are made of premium PVC fabric material and surface of these drip irrigation bags is sunlight-proof, so you can keep them for long time use and not only one season use.
  • Easy to use. All you need to do is fill the bag up and then let it work for you.
  • Efficiently work. After you install these bags and fill them with water ,the water in the bag will slowly release and penetrate into the soil and trunk to keep the roots and saplings moist. No water goes to waste. It can when you hydrate your trees with a sprinkler or hose.
  • Great benefits. These tree watering bags can save more than 30% of water than traditional methods, they are very adaptable. At the same time, they save labor and time and can be used with nutrient solutions to improve the quality of tree growth.