PVC structure hall

What is structure hall fabric?

What is the PVC structure hall?

PVC structure hall is PVC-coated rails from 8 m wide to 65 m wide, and the length of all PVC blinds designed can up to 100 meters. By PVC coating fabric 800gsm/24oz,850gsm/25oz,900gsm26oz etc. With a high performance coated fabric on panama weave base cloth made with polyeter.

The structure halls fabric is fire and weather resistant. In addition, it is fully UV stable and resistant to mold and rot.

The PVC Hall produced creates a spacious, comfortable and safe working environment. During the day, there is practically no need for artificial light. The hot-dip galvanized steel frame ensures durability in all weather conditions and is extremely durable even in corrosive environments.

There are many sizes like width of 12,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65 are standard. In addition to standard sizes, we also manufacture any ones in special sizes.

These PVC Hall produced and designed are widely suitable for warehouse, buildings, sports buildings, port buildings, airplane buildings and other industry.

With our high performance coating fabric, it can use in cold area like -40℃ with no crack or peeling issue.

The structure hall is also called clear span tent, clear span structure hall tents, the clear span structure made by steel structure covered with our high performance coated fabric

The benefit for the clear span structure tent/hall:

1, open interior space without columns, this is very important for the reason of why so popular for structure halls/tents. It allow our customer use it freely as they want. This allows more usable space. Making the tents safer and easier to navigate.

2, The tents/halls can be erected anywhere.

3, The tents/hall are durable.

4, Available for different options of size, colors.

5, Easy custom the tents/halls for size, locations etc.


PVC structure hall

PVC structure hall


PVC Structure hall fabric Feature.

  • 100%PVC coating premium fabric.
  • 800gsm/24oz,850gsm/25oz,900gsm26oz and etc.
  • Waterproof, Weather proof, high UV resistance, good color fastness, anti freeze


PVC Structure Hall Adventure.

  • Use Steel structures, hot-dip galvanized, it will be absolutely firm.
  • PVC coated fabric, different various of shades and size can be used. Flexible application in variety of agriculture and industry.
  • All necessary fasteners, enough to resist the bad weather and environment.
  • Technical documentation, views, plans. The installation is very clear.
  • Warranty period 5 years, 10 years for PVC coating, enough to resist the test of time.
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