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What is Snow/ Water Containment mat?

Commercial Car Water Containment Mat Easy Clean Inflatable Wash Pads

PVC Tarpaulin

We recommend this mat and ecosmart to everyone in the detailing business. It saved the world, saves time and makes money. The mat is easy to carry and fast to set up, while the eco product you offer are not only the best priced product but also the only product we have tested that work great.

great product…superior quality!

The mat is the perfect size for any vehicle. Works great and easy to transport. Highly recommend this size for all jobs.


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A summary of the advantages of the floor: The wash pad is mobile, flexible and fast to set up. The standard inflatable wash pad weighs only 1Kg per square metre and can be easily transported. They are durable, chemical-resistant and can be manufactured on a bespoke basis in various materials. Many applications are possible especially as the wash pad can be custom made.

The Best Containment Mat Products

Containment mats are a relatively simple idea. Trap moisture, snow, rain, mud, dirt and oil that falls off of your car or truck and keep it from spreading all over your garage floor.

ContainmentMat.com offers one of the industries leading containment mats — The TruContain containment mat. What makes TruContain so special? The TruContain containment mat,  is a one piece containment mat constructed from a PVC infused fabric. The fabric is then wrapped and heat welded around foam edges. This means no assembly is required and no plastic edge pieces to break.

This process creates a tough garage floor mat that holds tons of snow, water and muck. Now available in 10 popular sizes.

  • NEW/UPDATED– Upgraded to optimized fabric, plus Stay-Put Corners and FREE squeegee & telescoping pole. Everything you need is in the box!
  • PROTECT YOUR GARAGE FLOOR– Built-in (enhanced) containment edge keeps all of the snow, ice and mud off of your garage floor.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, AND EASY TO CLEAN– Heat-sealed watertight seams are reinforced and thermal welded for durability and functionality. Simply just unfold the mat and it’s ready to use.
  • garage containment mats are a combination of our favorite containment mats. Typically, containment mats are a lightweight mat with snap-on edges. But these mats aren’t typical. These mats protect your floor using a material that is trusted by the trucking industry. In other words, the water/snow containment mats are heavy duty. The edges of this mat are built-in and heat-welded. When it comes to quality and durability,
  • These containment mats measure up to expectations with 1.18″ edges plus fabric, creating a total edge thickness of approximately 1.25″. Please note all sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.  Containment Mats are heavier, better looking and come with a better warranty than other mats in the industry. All Weather Floors also boasts a ripped-mat replacement program. Overall, we believe that this is the best containment mat on the market.
  • All Weather Floors revolutionized the containment mat industry with the Containment mad for mud, snow, and rain. The containment mat is a one-piece, no-assembly-required containment mat. Now includes a FREE squeegee (handle not included). Cleaning your garage floor and containment mat is made even easier.
  • What Size Containment Mat do you need?
  • Generally, you want a containment mat that is at least 1′ longer than the bumper to bumper measurement of your car. The ideal measurement is about two feet longer than your vehicle.
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