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What is snow remove tarp

In the North America and North Europe, snows are usually very heavy and the remove work takes too much time and costs, this makes an idea to make a tarp that light and economic but easy to remove the snow. Snow Tarps are used during the winter months to quickly clear the jobsite from covered snow fall. Contractors will lay the snow tarps out over the jobsite to cover the surface, materials and/or equipment. Using cranes or front end loader equipment, the snow tarps are lifted to remove the snow fall from jobsite

snow removal tarps are the best way to clean the road, ground, or keep  construction sites free of snow. Use crane or forklift to lift the tarp with snow or Place the tarp out before the snow hits and remove it when you’re ready to work. Just simply attach the loops or rings to a crane or forklift and all the snow will be out of your way in minutes. Choose between our economy style snow tarp and premium style snow tarp.

The tarps are made by high tenacity polyester coated with vinyl, can be used in cold area till to -40℃, stitched with high strength webbing, it is flexible, foldable, and easy carry. Loading capacity can be up to 5000kg/11000lbs. can be reused.



Construction Snow Tarp (8 . Loops)
610g/18 oz. PVC coated vinyl fabric
5cm yellow webbing 5000kg/11,000 lbs. lifting strength
Criss-cross webbing design with 8 point loops
Perimeter edges reinforced with heat seal
Lifts snow and clears the jobsite quickly & efficiently
Heavy duty, tear resistant tarp fabric
Weather resistant, mold & mildew resistant
Quality stitching & fabrication
Hand-crafted with quality workmanship


Designed to lift & remove freshly fallen snow on construction jobsites
Quickly & efficiently clears snow fall vs. shoveling man hours
Saves large amounts of time and labor hours
Highly durable vinyl fabric is tear resistant
Heavy duty webbing reinforcements provide durability
Snow tarps are reusable, easy to deploy, easy fold and store away

We are the most professional factory in China making the snow remove tarp.

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