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What is Ready Made Tarps and ready fabricated PVC fabric products?



What is Ready Made Tarps and ready fabricated PVC fabric products?

The tarpaulin fabric rolls made by our factory will finally have fabricator to fabricate into different products that is the ready made tarps and ready made tarpaulin products.

It can be finish by hot air welding, high frequency welding, stitching, gluing, slitting, cutting, printing; also can be several steps depend on different product, also for some designed products, the automatic cutting machine is required, for more exact size and fitting.

As a PVC fabric manufacturer, most of our fabric will finally sent to end user through the fabricator or fabrication for own use.

The applications of the fabric are research and develop by fabricator and fabric user; it’s still new material with not so long history, many of new application will be found.

It also named custom tarp, ready made fabric products, fabricated product.

PVC tarpaulin fabric is made of high strength polyester base cloth and coated or laminated with PVC Polyvinyl Chloride both sides. It is waterproof and can be fabricate by hot welding of stitch/sew. Based on the area of use, it was with different requirement, like to Europe, it must be all REACH Compliant; for the tents, it must be fire resistance, B1 ,M2; for the water tank, it must be food grade or 6p Free.



Some applications:

1, Tarps

The tarps we usually talk about is a sheet in different shapes, the common is rectangle, square, round, triangle, trapezoid, polygon, or any other design in steric, depend on the thing that you want to cover or protect, the fabric being cut and welded to the tarp in different machine, like hot air welding machine, high frequency wielding machine, hot wedge welding machine, glue etc, generally cut and weld by pieces to the full piece. And all full edges heat welded with reinforcement, it also can be with rope inside for extra strength and higher tear strength. also can be used for fumigation tarps. with water, gas air proof.

ready made tarps truck cover

2, Flexible infalatable Water tank, made of high tenacity PVC coated fabric, good adhesion and tension, soft liquid and gas storage tank; it’s a kind of foldable container, welded by high frequency hot seal welding to make sure no leak and good adhesion. It’s widely used for irrigation, petroleum, chemical engineering, fire control, water/drink transport, food grade available to ensure the transport liquid are safe. The size can be customized, like for storage of water 200kg, 300kg, 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg etc.

Water Tank3

3, Flatbed tarp, and tarps for North America, lumber tarp, steel tarp, Machinery tarp, Coil tarp, Smoke tarp, Which is designed with the size of truck and good protection of cargo.

Lumber tarp

4, Containment mat, Garage mat, water/snow mat, Car wash mat. This is used to save the environmental and save water. Or keep your parking area clean and dry. It can be in different size for different size of vehicle. Common size for containment mat are7’9”x18’, 8’6”x20’ etc.

Water Containment Mat5

4, lifting tarp, snow tarp, are designed to lift the snow, dirt, cargo etc. with stitched high strength webbing, the lifting tarp is able to lift weight 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, 8000kg etc based on the size of webbing and stitch work.

Snow Tarp

5, Dock shelter, The dock shelter is mainly used to protect the vehicle load and unload goods from warehouse, and prevent reduce the cold/hot air exchange, also protect the cargo from rain and sun.  The main structure of the dock shelter is fabricated by 3mm/3300gsm double layer PVC coated fabric, with shelter size 3400mmx600mm. 3mm/3300gsm thick fabric on top and two side part as well. With size 1000mm and 600mm. The side cushion size 600mm depth, able to flexible. And the overall piece curtain covers the whole dock.

Dock Shelter2

6, Side curtain, what is truck side curtain? A curtain side truck is essential a flat bed truck with square frame along the side, this skeletal structure create false walls and a roof where a tarp can be tightly secured around.

Side Curtain1

7, Slitted PVC fabric rolls, From the coating line of PVC fabric, usually its wide width, for the application of narrow width like garden fence view protect rolls, the common width is narrow 19cm, it need to be slit to this size from a jumbo roll.

Slitted fabric

8, Tents/Marquee, it has type of translucent and blackout, sometimes also known as dark rest or dark room tents, a blackout tents is a tent that uses a specific fabric that has light diffusing or light absorbing quality, we name it blockout or blackout. The purpose or this is to keep the inside of the tent as dark as possible, so you don’t weak up when the sun does and keep temperature going up slowly from the sun in hot weather. Usually, tents have always been a lighter color to help keep them cooler inside, like white, beige. With a fabric weight 400gsm, 650gsm, 700gsm, 850gsm etc.


9, swimming pool cover, the swimming pool fabric is ideally designed to keep the pool clean and safe, it can be open and close manually or automatic with a motor. Usually with a color of green, blue, which are more like a natural like forest and sky.


10, Inflatable boat, the flexibility of coated fabric makes a foldable and flexible boat available, it is made of high tenacity coated fabric with high strength, and able to inflate, compare to a aluminum boat, it is light weight, smaller in dimension and easy to storage. Mainly for fishing, emergency, military etc..

Inflatable Boat Fabric

11, Trailer cover, A custom made trailer cover will be made according to your version of trailer and exactly fit your trailer’s dimensions, in any shape and size, fully waterproof and weather proof. It will be complete with reinforced welded edges, industrial strength brass or stainless eyelets; the cover is secured with individual bungee loops or a continuous length of bungee cord

Trailer Cover1

12, Car top bag, with features of the PVC fabric, waterproof, weather proof, weldable, it is a great chance to make such bag use outdoor, with welded seams to seal out water, it’s totally weatherproof and protect your gear against the rain, grit, snow, wind and sun. It increases space inside your vehicle.

Car top carrier bag3

There are lots of more application… Farm Fish tanks, Boat Cover, Tank liner..

PVC Fabric application

What is the loading quantity for 20ft/40ft container ready made tarps?

For readymade tarps or stitched products, it depends on size and accessary used, as well as different way of packing, for details loading quantity please check with your sales consultant.

Ready made tarp packing

Ready made tarp packge bag

PVC Characters

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