What is PVC Coated Weldable Webbing

PVC weldable webbing is polyester webbing coated with PVC for reinforcement, high strength, the difference compare to general webbing, like polyester webbing, it can be weldable.

Since the webbing was deeping and coating with PVC, the welding ability of coated webbing brings a new solution of reinforcement for fabric, no destroy, keeping waterproof.

Coated Weldable Webbing

Europe as a main market for side curtain trailers, is also the main producing area of side curtain, this brings lot of demands for PVC coated weldable webbing. Lot of PVC coated weldable webbing manufacturer in Europe, we as a PVC webbing manufacturer in China, making the high quality webbings and main export market to Europe and USA, Middle East, Australia etc.

The composition: Base cloth polyester 100%, coating layer is PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride.

Working temperature with -30℃ to +100℃ this is already higher than your fabric of curtain.

The major advantage of PVC coated weldable webbing is:

  • Strengthen the fabric
  • Increase wind resistance
  • Reinforce and tight the fabric
  • Dirty and water resistance
  • Without stitch to protect the fabric itself
  • Easy weld

Coated Webbing

Production Process of PVC Webbing

The weldable webbing construction by polyester and PVC, there is two type of production:

  1. Weaving the webbing in polyester by the looms, than coated with PVC
  2. Weaving the polyester and coating the PVC together

The polyester has shrinkage, during the process, heating and stabling is needed to make the coated webbing dimension stability.

Application of Weldable Webbing

The weldable webbing is able to weld by high frequency, hot air or hot wedge welding machine to PVC fabric like side curtain, tents, tarpaulin, membrane structure, inflatables etc.

As a polyester based webbing, it also can be stitch to fabric. The main purpose is like a strengthen strap and frame of fabric or side curtain, reduce the flapping during transport and longer the lifetime of your side curtain. With the features of PVC, it is waterproof and easy cleaning.

Also it makes the buckle easy fix and tight.

The Common Sizes of PVC Coated Webbings

Mainly the weldable webbing is standard by different tension/break strength, in our production range we have below common size:

Also we name it 2″ /2inch weldable webbing.

Break Strength 1300KG 1800KG 2400KG
Width 47mm 47mm 47mm
Thickness Around 1mm 1.3mm 1.6mm
Roll Length 100M 100M 100M
Color White, Grey, Black White, Grey, Black White, Grey, Black

Loading Quantity For 20ft/40ft Container

Usually the container limited weight is 25000kg, during the busy season of COVID situation, shipping company may reduce limited weight or add freight to a heavy container more than 20000kg or 23000kg etc. Here are some popular items loading quantity:

1300KG 1800KG 2400KG Mix load webbing
200,000LM 160,000LM 100000LM Please consult with Sales Represent

Package of PVC Weldable Webbing

Usually use carton, for easy storage and distribute.

Welcome to be our distributor.

For any questions or inquiry please contact: info@chinapvcfabric.com

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