PVC Coated Fabric construction

What is PVC Coated industrial tarpaulin fabric?

What is PVC Coated industrial tarpaulin fabric?

PVC tarpaulin fabric is made of high strength polyester base cloth and coated or laminated with PVC Polyvinyl Chloride both sides. Usually named PVC fabric or PVC tarpaulin.

PVC Coated Fabric construction


What is the production process of PVC tarpaulin fabric?

The fabric construction by polyester and PVC, depend on laminating or coating it has different finishing process, base cloth also can be other material like cotton, nylon, fiberglass, mostly we use polyester which is high strength and stable. The first step is weaving the base cloth depend on material specification like in woven 1000×1000 20×20/inch, 1000×1000 30×30/inch panama or warp knitted 1000×1000 9×9/inch, then with the laminating or coating line to coat the PVC on both side, see below line of production,

Laminating: 1, prepare the base cloth, 2, prepare the PVC film made by calendar machine, 3, laminating the base cloth and PVC film with high temperature between 150-190℃ depend on different product, 4, finishing of the surface with different roller like glossy, matte, embossed, 5, Cooling, 6, rolling and packaging.

Coating: 1, prepare the base cloth, 2, coat the base fabric on coating line with both sides, 3, heating and dry, 4, finishing of the surface with different roller like glossy, matte, embossed,, 5, Cooling, 6,rolling and packaging.

When there is requirement of lacquering, it will be lacquered during process of finishing.

The composition of raw material is so important to a fabric based on different application like UV resistance, fire resistance, environmental protective, waterproof, easy weld, suitable for printing etc.

PVC Coating Line description


What is Application of PVC industrial tarpaulin fabric?
As a industrial fabric pvc tarpaulin coated fabric manufacturer in China, we produce laminated and coated vinyl fabric for tarpaulin, side curtain fabric, tents fabric, tents fabric blackout/blockout/opaque, ventilation fabric,  inflatable boat fabric, general cover fabric, watertank/tank liner fabric food grade,

There are different production types to produce industrial fabric; what is the type of base cloth for pvc industrial textile fabric? there are mainly two type of weaving for base cloth of industrial fabric, woven and warp knitting, famous woven machine like PICANOL, SULZER TEXTIL, DORNIER etc. famous Warp knitting machine CARL MAYER, LIBA etc. woven base cloth is mainly for coating fabric, warp knitting base cloth is mainly for mesh or laminating fabric.


Production Type Laminated Coated Calendar
Application General Cover,


Printing flex banner,

Awning Fabric,

Stripe Fabric,

Medical Fabric,

Trampoline Fabric




Water Tank

Boat Fabric,

Tent Fabric,

Dock Shelter

Swimming Pool Fabric,

Swimming Pool Cover,

Membrane Structure Fabric,

Military Fabric,

Sport gym Fabric

Inflatable Fabric,

Conveyor Belt Fabric

Clear Film,

Transparent PVC,

Clear Foil,

Color Film,

Printing Film,

Raincoat Film,

Table Cloth,

Floor Mat

Range of Weight/


280gsm to 700gsm 300gsm to 2000gsm 0.1mm to 2mm
Features Economy,



UV Resistance

Good strength



UV Resistance

Long lifetime

Low shrinkage,

Dimension stable




UV Resistance


Also as a tarpaulin fabric fabricator in China, we do custom order in high frequency HF welding,

hot air welding, hot wedge welding, slitting gluing or stitch for ready made truck tarps,

lumber tarp, steel tarp, coil tarp, lifting tarp, fire retardant tarp, side curtains, Weldable

webbings, keder,Snow removal tarp, flexible water tanks, movable foldable farming fish tanks,

ventilation ductings, dock shelter, tents, boat, slit PVC fabric rolls, garden fence, sup paddles, membrane structure, sun shades, etc
Knife Coating


Woven and warp knitted fabric, which is stronger?

It depends on yarn count and density, the higher yarn count, and higher density, will bring a higher strength. The base cloth is the frame of fabric like pillar to the buildings. For example, woven 1000x1000Denier, 20×20/inch is stronger than warp knitted 1000x1000Denier, 9×9/inch, warp knitted 1000x1000Denier 18×18/inch is stronger than woven 1000x1000Denier 16×16/inch.


Woven                                   Warp Knitted

Woven base cloth Warp Knitting base cloth

How to select a good PVC industrial tarpaulin fabric?

Good tensile Strength tear strength, good adhesion, heavy weight, means a fabric is good and strong, while depend on the final use, A fabric must complies to its application, as different application are facing different weather and using condition.

Like for truck tarp, drivers like the fabric to be waterproof, high strength, not easy to tear and cut into, UV resistance, easy fold, and very important, light weight to easy handle by one person.

For boat fabric, it must be high strength for inflate, no curve to make sure the boat shape follow the design, corrosion resisting as sometime it can be used in sea, good welding or suitable for gluing during fabrication.

For tent fabric, good UV is very important, a tent is usually use outdoor, waterproof and good opaque, to save energy, as people will stay in the tent, fire resistance is also very important. Use lacquer to make sure the tent fabric easy cleaning, this is more important to tent Rental Company.

For clear PVC/Transparent PVC foil: Easy open the roll, no stick, dimension stability, no waves when open the roll, and transparency, UV ability, welding stability, these are so important.

For general tarpaulin, a fabric roll easy open, no white marks, good hand feel and soft, dry without oil comes out, good tear and tensile strength, good welding, no defects.


What is the feature of PVC tarpaulin fabric?

1, Flexible, it can be rolled, folded, packed or pressured, easy to restitution,

2, Waterproof, it is 100% waterproof fabric, with this feature it have lot of applications,

3, UV resistance, it can be used and last long time outdoor direct to the sun, so it also named outdoor fabric, with a long life outdoor in various weather conditions,

4, Fire resistance, when the PVC fabric will make a product like tents, people stay in the tents need a high level of fire safety, it can reach B1, M1, B2, M2, NFPA701 fire resistance,

4, Good performance during temperature -30℃ to +70℃, which is more than our normal environmental temperature,

5, Light weight, compare to other material, its light, easy move, and easy fold,

6, Dimension stability, the fabric with the base cloth is like the frame of a house, it bring the strength of fabric also keep the fabric dimension stability, less elongation,

7, Any color area available for the PVC fabric, can be as per Pantone or RAL color number.

8, Easy cleaning, the fabric is anti-dirt, easy to clean by rain or washing.

9, Opaque or Translucent available, this brings you a choice of vision ability,

10, The PVC coated mesh fabric is able to see through.

11, Weldable, the PVC tarpaulin fabric is able to be weld by welding machine, like hot air weld, high frequency weld, the welding process make the pieces of fabric together and still having the original features like waterproof, also it brings extra reinforcement.

What is the fire resistance level of PVC tarpaulin fabric?

Germany France England USA


B S0d2

M1, M2 BS5867 FMVSS302,




What is the common size of PVC industrial tarpaulin fabric rolls?

This is mainly depends on fabric application and your market behavior. Here some popular product for example:

Awning Fabric Truck Tarp Tent Fabric Side Curtain Clear PVC Membrane Structure Water Tank


















3m 2.5m,


Or depend size of tank

What is the loading quantity for 20ft/40ft container?

Usually the container limited weight is 25000kg, during the busy season of COVID situation, shipping company may reduce limited weight or add freight to a heavy container more than 20000kg or 23000kg etc. Here are some popular items loading quantity:

300gsm 400gsm 440gsm 500gsm 610gsm 700gsm 850gsm 900gsm
60000m2 50000m2 48000m2 40000m2 36000m2 30000m2 25000m2 23000m2

For readymade tarps or stitched products, it depends on size and accessary used, for details loading quantity please check with your sales consultant.

What is the roll diameter?

Depend on the fabric weight and roll liner meters, here some popular items for example, Kraft paper or clear film packing:



















Roll Diameter 170mm 175mm 180mm 190mm 210mm 225mm 235mm 245mm

Marks: for hard tube packing, the diameter will be 40mm more.

Here loading photos:

Tarpaulin Loading Container quantity

We produce high-quality PVC-coated fabric, PVC-coated mesh, laminated tent materials, PVC clear films, also many other industrial materials,

For any questions or inquiry please contact info@chinapvcfabric.com

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