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What is max width of pvc flexible film?



PVC is one of the oldest and the most widely used plastics, offering many desirable properties and possibilities. Our PVC is economical and recyclable and has been as well studied to ensure its safety. Flexible PVC has been used in many applications including tanks, reservoirs, ponds, tunnels, soil protection, carpet, chair mats, decks, windows, hoods, fabrics, artwork, decoration, silkscreen, seals, consumer accessories, shoes, bags and much more. Some of the more common applications are highlighted below.

Soft PVC offers the best economic ratio between sound insulation, heat protection and investment. The additives give PVC specific properties that increase its strength and durability for the manufacture of door strips, swing doors and flexible rapid roll doors.

Soft PVC sheets can be used for systems of opening and closing, requiring both a very easy and smooth traffic flow as well as high insulation from temperature, sound, projections, and dust. Our pvc is very adaptable and re-adaptable; it can be used as windows for high speed doors or as wall partitions.

Cold chain refers keeping food products at a given temperature in order to maintain their taste and keeping them safe for consumption. Flexible PVC has been developed for these environments, and remains flexible at temperatures as low as -30℃. Call one of our plastics experts to ensure you select the correct PVC strips for your application.

It works well for welding screens, designed to protect people against the radiations and the projections of welding arcs. Welding requires a high concentration of energy, part of which is dispersed in the form of rays that are harmful to humans. As welding screens are products involved in the safety of persons and buildings,

Flexible PVC Film
Transparent film by CalendaringThickness:0.05mm to 3mm
Width < 2400 mm
Color : Normal transparent, Super transparent,Transparent with embossing, Transparent with color , Opaque colored film
Surface:glossy / emobssing


  • anti-fire
    • anti-cold
    • anti-static
    • well aging resistance
    • waterproof and has very good smooth surface, and is non deformable.
    • Certificate: Rohs , REACH , EN71-3 ,SGS ,TUV, NON-P
    • Important item: The sheet anti-stastic, anti-UV, anti-sticky


  • Mainlyused in stationery or bedding sheet bags
    • Stationary Files & Folders , Albums main material
    • Bags & Luggage Inner Lining & Surface Sheet
    • Shoes uppers & sole liners
    • Steel furniture cover
    • Packaging material for textile products
    • Table Cloth with printing designs
    • Wood Lamination for Partitions, Table , Cabinet , Wall
    • Automotive Door Trim, Sunvisors and other Interior Parts
    • Inflatable Toys material
    • Covers , Bags Pocket , Sachet by Welding process
    • Computer , Electrical appliance covers
    • Shower Curtains and Room Black – out Curtains
    • Medical Urine Bags , Disaster Pouches , Hospital Disposable Covers
    • Shade Blinds and Roofing covers
    • Insulator for water proofing barrie
    • Water Bed main material
    • Umbrella main material
    • Advertising sheet material for printing / decorative

Our clear PVC flexible film is with high transparency, with no waves and crystal points. It can be glossy side or transparent with embossing side.

pvc super transparent film
Size: thickness:0.07mm-3.0mm

width:under 2000mm

length: 200m/roll  (following customer request)

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