Laminate Sailcloth fabric 1 windsurf crusing

What is Laminate Sailcloth Fabric for crusing windsurf sailing?

What is Laminate Sailcloth Fabric for crusing windsurf sailing?

How long do laminate sailcloth last? and what material is laminate sailcloth?

Laminate Sailcloth sailboat fabric

We design and manufacturer laminated sailcloth fabric sheeting rolls in China, cruising laminated sailcloth is high strength reinfored material with PET, polyester, Aramid or Fiberglass base cloth for frame and reinforcement. One of imporant and stable range for our technical textile.

Polyester PET laminate sailcloth is very high performance material with its weather protection and super long lifetime, it also gives a great strength and flexibility.


Aramid sailcloth fabric  is also gives a high performance with is high stability, low stretch and no creep.


Carbon is a synthetic fibre, the benefits are very high performance UV proof, low stretch and very high strength.


The crusing laminate sailcloth are design for high  performance, good weather proof, and less stretch. it has a high UV resistance ability and Tear resistance ability.

The laminate sailcloth fabric is a best solution for improve cruising performance, light weight, and the sail performance will last until end of fabric life.


The fabric are laminated by two layer of films, in the middle was reinforce layer including material Polyester, Aramid or Fiberglass based on different application, this is for the stable frame and strength, as well as reduce stretching while under load,

Laminate Sailcloth fabric 5 windsurf crusing


Laminate Sailcloth fabric 4 windsurf crusing


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