Keder for tent

What is Keder?

What is Keder ?

PVC Coated weldable keder is a welded PVC cord with PVC coated fabric.

Keder for tent

The extrusion PVC cord can be at different diameters like 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7m, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm or any other size as customized. It also can be transparent, black, for blockout/blackout coverage purpose. The virgin PVC core brings a Keder high flexibility, long life and easy rolling or open.

The PVC coated fabric for the Keder is high tenacity polyester coated with one side PVC, it’s flexible PVC coated tarpaulin fabric, the polyester side is high tenacity crocking/rub resistance and the PVC side is easy for welding, good to weld the keder to your fabric as a reinforce edge. It can be welded by high frequency or hot air welding machine.

It’s rope edge product used to connect the fabric to the frame made by aluminum, plastic etc..

The Keder are used very widely used application, such as tents/marquee, awnings, flex banner, pool cover, truck signs, marine sails, or any other tensions, which need fast connection and reinforcement for side fixings.

Keder roll Packing

The main advantage of keder is:

1, Strengthen the fabric

2, Increase tear resistance

3, Reinforce and tight the fabric

4, Dirty and water resistance

5, without stitch to protect the fabric itself

6, Easy weld

7, Fast install your tents, marquee, sides, anywhere you want to connect with the aluminum rails.

8, With full bonded high strength keder, there is no peeling risk.

Keder full bond adhesion

What is the production process of Keder?

There are steps of producing a high quality keder, as the high quality manufacturer of keder in China, we have more experience to produce:


1, Selected high performance pvc fabric, base cloth can be woven or warp knitted, depend on different size and application of keder,

2, Slitting the fabric into narrow width, depend on the size of keder, for example, 13mm keder with welded area 10mm, double flap, weldable area 30mm, we slit the fabric into 120mm wide.

Slitting machine for pvc fabric

3, Use our high performance and high speed welding machine to weld the Keder

Keder production

What is Application Keder?

The weldable keder is able to weld by high frequency, hot air or hot wedge welding machine to PVC fabric like side curtain, tents, Ramadan tent, Haji tents, marquee, tarpaulin, membrane structure, inflatables etc. as a polyester based product, it also can be stitch to fabric. The main purpose is to fix the rail with the keder, slot into aluminum bracket stand, for fast install and removing, strengthen the edge connection and avoid tear, where it is the weak are of link. For Ramadan tents and Haji tents, it just used for few days or few month, with the design of keder, tents rental company can easily install and remove the tents.


What is the common size of PVC Coated Keder?

Depend on the tension and rail size, here is the range of common size:

Means of Number:

For example Double flap:

6-10-30mm 8-10-30mm 10-10-30mm 13-10-30mm
Roll Length 200LM 200LM 200LM 200LM
Quantity 20ft Container 96000LM 68000LM 48000LM 35000LM

What is the package of PVC Coated Keder? Usually by carton, Also can be pe film wrapped, for easy storage and distribute.

Welcome to be our distributor.

Our main export area, South America, North America, Middle East and Europe, We accept mix container load with PVC tent fabric and Keder. Please check with your sales consult for loading quantity.


What is the laminated fabric and coated fabric for keder?


In our production range, we use only coated fabric, which is more stronger, heavy duty and hard to tear.


What is the color of PVC Coated Keder?

The common color for keder are white and black, or grey,

Generally, the color of black and grey is the purpose to make the keder blockout/blackout, when you use a blockout/blackout tents fabric, the light can’t go through, it also require a keder is fully blockout/blackout, or you will see a line of light on edge. In the same time, the PVC core color is dark color used like black or grey.

It also can be any other colors to match your fabric color.


For keder, there are also many different names like Kedder, sail rope, edge reinforcement, hem rope, keter, kedor etc.. As a professional fabric and keder maker, we provide any kinds of keder solutions, and custom size color all available.


Additional information:


Top10 welding machine for PVC fabric and PU Fabric


Brand Country Type of Welding
FORSSTROM Sweden High Frequency
FIAB Poland High Frequency
Miller WeldMaster US Hot Air
Leister Swiss Hot Air


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