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What is Greenhouse fabric Clear PVC for greenhouse covering?

What is Greenhouse fabric Clear PVC for greenhouse covering?

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The greenhouse is used for agriculture, farming for vegetables, fruits. built by metal frame with a cover of PVC fabric for the warm.

Normally they are covered with clear pvc fabric/films. there are different options for the fabric of green house coverings. like glass, plastic, and clear pvc fabric covering, which is flexible and foldable. greenhouse covering is the material that covers the greenhouse frame and plays a key role in heat retention.

There are also different choices of PVC fabric for greenhouse covering, like Clear PVC reinforced fabric, this is a fabric with high tenacity polyester base cloth for high strength, which bring a higher tear and tensile strength during windy and rainy weather, also very helpful to longer the lifetime of your covering roof. also there is kind of PVC unsupported fabric/film , which have a higher UV transmission about 90-92%. both are having it’s advantage for the plants, based on the application to use.

Since the 1980s, Almería in southern Spain has developed the largest concentration of greenhouses in the world, covering more than 26,000 hectares. The greenhouses reflect so much sunlight back into the atmosphere that they are wanted.

The Clear pvc fabric for greenhouse fabric  allows 80-90% of the UV transfer from sun, this is great help for plants receive max amount of sunlight which is very import for growing.

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How to choose the right fabric for greenhouse covering?



How long the clear pvc reinforce fabric can use for greenhouse covering?

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