TPU water tank 1000L Food Grade drinkable water Thermoplastic polyurethanes

What is flexible watertank for drinking and irrigation?

What is flexible watertank for drinking and irrigation?


There are different type of fabric to produce flexible water tank, PVC, TPU, TPO, depenn on the application, we use different raw material for prouduction.


Color Green, Grey, Yellow, or can be customized
Feature High Tear-Resistant, UV resistance, Anti-mildew, easy fold and move
Usage water storage, rainwater collector
Application: water storage, water collector
Material PVC or TPU Thermoplastic polyurethanes
Function irrigation or rainwater collector Or drinking water(TPU)
Size Customized Water Tank
Suitable temperature -30C -70C
Certification ISO9001 SGS

TPU flexible water tank (suitable for drinking water).


Product material/structure: TPU (polyurethane)


TPU water bladder has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, etc. At the same time, it has high waterproofness and moisture permeability, windproof, coldproof, antibacterial, mildew proof, warmth retention, UV resistance And many excellent functions such as energy release, so the water bladder made of TPU material is made.

The TPU water bladder membrane can adapt to the four seasons climate change without oxidation damage, can be customized in various sizes, can store liquid with pungent odor, and can be folded when not in use to save space.

TPU water bladder film is close to the body, soft, cool, non-toxic, easy to carry, and quick to install.

TPU water bladder film is mainly used to store water bladders, water tanks, water bags and other storage fields, as well as water beds, magnetic fluid beds, silicone mattresses, water bags and ice packs, etc.


TPU water bag film (water bag film, water bed TPU film),with/without base cloth.

Product specification: 0.1mm- 1mm, width and thickness can be customized;

Product technical indicators / product parameters (can be customized)

For water bladder TPU fabric, common thickness 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1mm.

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