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What is food grade flexible watertank and tankliner fabric?

What is flexible watertank and tankliner fabric?

There are 2type of fabric, for water tanks,

Portable water tank/non portable water tank, and water tank liner by steel frame for above ground water tank.

The portable and non-portable water tanks are mainly with enclosed design, it can be inflatable with air and water tight with valves for inlet and outlet, capacity from 200litres to 100000liters,

Designed for the weather, it is resistant to UV rays and withstands temperatures between -30ºC to 70ºC.

The water tank liner fabric is a fabric that to prevent the water in contact with steel and outside, to remain the water cleans, and no microbe comes through the wall of water tank, the fabric itself can be food grade level to USA FDA or Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS 4020-2018, It’s a fabric approved by this regulations for safety use.

Flexible watertank1

1, Potable and Non Potable flexible water bladder tanks (Pillow Tanks) are inflatable , flexible, strong, light weight and a cost-effective answer to instant water storage and transportation requirements, Bladder tanks can be unrolled and installed fast and efficiently.

Flexible water tanks are a solution for the permanent or temporary storage of raw water. The water tanks can be found to store sanitary water at public works sites for living areas and construction works or at water treatment plants.

Applications include a wide range of industries such as farming, mining, manufacturing, marine and aviation.,fish farming, water storage, oil storage etc.

Flexible water tanks are a solution for the permanent or temporary storage of raw water. The water tanks can be found to store sanitary water at public works sites for living areas and construction works or at water treatment plants.High resistance flexible water tanks : a reliable, practical and low cost solution to the storage of fresh water on board. They are flexible, light and form-fitting, and can therefore be installed where it would not be possible to install a rigid water tank, due to the shape of the boat or difficult access.

Flexible water tank is fabricated with a unique multi-layer construction which offers great durability, flexibility and strength

1, Excellent waterproof and airtightness

2, Durable, flexible, foldable, reusable

3, Easy move,carry, fast install

4, Long lifetime

5, Any size and shade available like pillow water tanks, Onion flexible watertanks, Rectangular watertank, Cylinder watertank, frame flexible watertank(open)
Flexible watertank2
All seams are high-frequency welded for maximum strength and watertight
Square tanks have openings in the center of the upper side and the bottom right corner of the under side
We do manufacture the flexible watertanks by order or regular item we keep stock,

1, Capacity range from 200 to 100000litres,

2, Fabric working temperature -30℃ to +70℃

3, As a manufacturer of inflatable watertanks, we do accept custom orders with logo print available and any size, color, fabric spec.

Capacity Lay flat Size Meter Filled Size Approx Meter
200Litres 1×1.1m 0.7×0.8×0.4m
300Litres 1×1.2m 0.7×0.9×0.4m
500Litres 1.3×1.5m 0.9×1.2×0.5m
1,000Litres 1.5×2.5m 1×2.1×0.5m
2,000Litres 2.3×2.6m 1.7×2.1×0.6m
3,000Litres 2.6×3.1m 2×2.5×0.6m
5,000Litres 2.6×4.5m 2×3.8×0.7m
8,000Litres 3.4×5.2m 2.5×4.2×0.8m
10,000Litres 3.4×5.5m 2.4×4.3x1m
20,000Litres 5.2×5.5m 4×4.2mx1.2m
30,000Litres 5.2×7.5m 4×5.8×1.3m
50,000Litres 6.5×8.5m 5x7x1.5m
80,000Litres 7.5×9.5m 6.2x8x1.5m
100,000Litres 9.5×10.5m 8x9x1.5m

Fabric material used for the flexible watertanks:

PVC Coated high tenacity yarn, flexible with knife coated, 100% waterproof, anti UV, anti-mildew,

Anti-mold, Easy cleaning, Reusable, depend on the application, the level of raw material can be used food grade to satisfy FDA drinking water regulation or Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS4020 regulations. 0.6MM, 0.8MM / 0.9MM / 1.0MM / 1.2MM / 1.4MM
According to Tank Volume, Some specification attached:

Fabric Weight/thickness Specification Tear Strength
0.6mm 750GSM 1000x1000D 23×23/inch 350N/5cm
0.8mm 1000GSM 1000x1000D 30×30/inch 500N/5cm
1mm 1250GSM 1300x1300D 30×30/inch 700n/5cm
1.3mm 1600GSM 1300X1300d 30×30/inch 800n/5cm

Common color: Grey, Green, Blue, White, Khaki, Yellow.


Valve: Depend on the capacity; we use different valves for safety and no leaking of water.

Flexible watertank valve

We usually choose ball valve for anti-leaking. As to the quantity of outlet and inlet and the size, we can produce according to the requirements.

Flexible watertank valves


2, Watertank liner.

  1. Good physical and mechanic performance.
  2. High tearing resistance, strong deformation adaptability.
  3. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance.
  4. Good adaptability to high and low temperature, non-toxicity, long service life.
  5. Good waterproof, drainage, anti-seepage and damp proof effects.
  6. Complete width and thickness specifications, low cost and easy installation.
  7. FDA or AS/NZS 4020-2018 Certified food grade level, no smell.

8, 5 layers coated PVC, good adhesion strength, no leaking of water.

Common color: Black, grey.

Ready fabricated or rolls are available.

water tank2

For any inquiry please contact: info@chinapvcfabric.com our sales team will provide professional service and suggestions.

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