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What is Dock shelter and dock seal fabric?

What is dock shelter and dock seal fabric?

The dock shelter and dock seal are both used at logistics or warehouse, it designed to make the logistic safer and easier. Dock shelters are loading and unloading platforms that connect to the warehouse, store or building, the front of the dock shelter used a thick PVC coated material at 3mm and two layer polyester base cloths to prevent the damage with touch to the truck, the dock shelter has cover on the space between the loading platform and tuck.

So the dock shelter material has two type, a thick fabric 3mm PVC coated in front for the sign and protection, the dock shelter part comes with a flexible fabric around 600gsm black for the space.

0.5mm black dock shelter fabric door sealing fabric

dock shelter door sealing fabric 0.5mm black

3mm black dock shelter fabric door sealing fabric double layer base cloth

dock shelter door sealing fabric 3mm double layer 3x2


It’s great docking solution for cold stores and air-conditioned warehouse spaces, a car or van type, with this docking solution, it also used sealing in inflatable cushions. The sealing is very helpful to saving energy and protection against atmospheric condition.

It also make the loading and unloading safer for people.

The dock shelters are with a frame that surrounds the dock with curtains mounted to the frame at common depth of 600mm to 900mm. the dock shelters are enclosures that the seals the perimeter of the trailer to form a seal., this is accomplished by applying pressure against the sides of truck trail with fabric curtains fitted with polyester coated fabric.


What is the production process of dock shelter fabric?

The fabric construction by polyester and PVC, depend on laminating or coating it has different finishing process, base cloth also can be other material like cotton, nylon, fiberglass, mostly we use polyester which is high strength and stable. The first step is weaving the base cloth depend on material specification like for dock shelter 0.5mm 600gsm black in woven 1000×1000 20×20/inch, coating line to coat the PVC on both side, see below line of production,

Coating: 1, prepare the base cloth, 2, coat the base fabric on coating line with both sides, 3, heating and dry, 4, finishing of the surface with different roller like matte, super dull 5, Cooling, 6,rolling and packaging.

When there is requirement of fabricating to ready dock shelter parts, it will be done by cutting, welding etc. fabrication process.

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