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What is Air support structure and dome?

Air-Supported Structures, Domes & Bubbles

An air-supported structure, also known as a dome or a bubble, is a truly unique building system. A slightly higher air pressure inside the dome supports the entire structure – fresh air constantly cycles into the structure to maintain this slightly higher internal pressure.


In order to maintain this internal air pressure, designs and installs specially designed airlocks to allow for easy access into the dome. Dome access points include revolving doors, pedestrian airlocks for barrier free access, and vehicle airlocks for maintenance and lift equipment.


Because the fabric membrane of an air structure is being lifted by pressurizing the interior, a common question is how the structure stays grounded. The uplifting force is considerable, so the membrane must be anchored to a concrete grade beam around the perimeter. Soil friction and the weight of the concrete resists the uplift pressure that’s created by inflating the dome. The highest level of engineering and design guarantees that your dome, once it’s installed, will not be going anywhere.

What are domes made of?

air support structure

A dome consists of several layers of fabric. The outer layer or membrane is manufactured using architectural grade vinyl coated polyester fabric, and the pattern used to create the dome is specific to every project to create the unique shape that’s needed. This layer’s purpose is strength, with the seams welded (link) to create higher strength than even the fabric itself.


The interior layer is a liner, which improves thermal and acoustic qualities of the dome. If needed, an additional insulation layer can also be installed. This insulation lies between the outer structural fabric and the inner liner fabric to maximize energy efficiency. This layer keeps your dome cool or warm despite the weather outside.

The use of air supported construction includes: Sports facilities,Commercial facilities,Industrial facilities, Cultural facilities and so on;  Air-supported structure have many advantages: The construction cost is low, Construction period is shorter , Has an oversized building space spa,Safety, environmental protection and energy saving etc

Dome Options


  • Athletics: Tennis | Soccer | Football
  • Aquatics: Pools | Water Parks
  • Construction: Temporary Construction Domes
  • Industrial: Warehousing | Mining
  • Entertainment: Conference and Event Centers | Assembly Halls


How we work

Our manager is assigned to each custom project, which means you always have someone to call with questions. A tracking number, assigned to each project, allows your manager to follow your order step-by-step through the process. If you’re looking for finishing options, DirecTex can then box up your final product and ship it for you, making the process easy and hassle-free.

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