ready made tarps truck cover

What is the difference of PVC and PE fabric/Tarpaulin?

1, The different of raw material: PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride which is widely use for plastics products.
PE is HDPE Polyethylene.
2, PVC fabric is normally use polyester base cloth, use laminate or coat, or deepin the PVC on the base cloth, range of weight 300gsm to 3000gsm.
PE is with PE woven base and deepin the PE on two sides. weight ranges 60-250gsm.
3, Life time, PVC can be use for 10 years or more, depend on different application, the ability of anti uv is better.
PE is around 1-2 year or one time use.
4, Application, PVC fabric is more widely use. can use as truck cover, tents, halls, ventilation, inflatables, tarps, covers, pergola,membrane structure…etc, PE fabric is mainly for cover or tarp.
5, Cost, the weight difference and production process difference make the pvc cost 2-5 times more than PE
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