The high quality coated and lamented tarpaulin fabric are made out by high tenacity polyester yarn to ensure its high strength as well as coating and adhesion strength, as a application of mostly outdoor used, the UV ability was added to longer the lifetime and satisfaction. It’s also a name card of the company that many of the company put his name & logo on. The extra treatment like lacquering has a huge influence on the cleaning and printability with UV printing equipment. Different widths and color, spec are available upon requests. It’s very widely applications for whatever you want to cover or design, like covers, bags, truck tarp, floor cover, wind cover, garden protection, agriculture cover, grain cover, grain storage etc…

Mesh Tarp
Reinforce Clear pvc fabric
Slitted PVC Tarpaulin Fabric
Container Cover2
Water Containement Mat2
Water Containment Mat5
Trailer Cover1
Lumber Tarp

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