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Snow containment mat, Mid size containment mat Amazon Supplier?

Snow containment mat, Mid size containment mat,


The Clean Park Garage Mat protects against rain, snow, mud and grime that accumulates on a garage floor. This containment mat catches everything as it falls off of your truck, car or SUV, eliminating the risk of a slippery or damaged concrete floor。

catches every drop of mud, slush and grime that falls off of your vehicle. The Clean Park® keeps your garage floor clean eliminating the problem of tracking mud and grime into your home.

Much like our mats, garage floor tiles can be installed with little to no preparation, no chemicals, no messes, and a very brief installation period. We offer two basic types of garage tile, Rigid and Flexible, both characterized by various benefits. Rigid tiles are hard, interlocking tiles which are highly stain resistant while flexible tiles are composed of PVC, making for a seamless appearance and offering extra protection for the underlying concrete.

Our Optimized Commercial grade fabric is polyester scrim material that is treated with a coating process that allows for PVC to coat and intertwine with polyester strands, making it stronger than ever. PVC fabric is used and trusted in the trucking industry to handle the road’s toughest conditions day-in and day-out. Our fabric is also mildew and rot resistant, along with being ultraviolet treated to resist fading and prevent fabric breakdown. we made the product totally ready to use as soon as you receive it. aled watertight seams are reinforced and thermal welded for durability and functionality.

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