PVC Fabric application

PVC Tarpaulin Fabric application?

Waterproof outdoor tarpaulin truck cover , PVC fabric for roof or Army tent



Quick Detail:


The pvc coated tarpaulin cover used to

  1. truck
  2. architeture
  3. agriculture
  4. roof
  5. awning
  6. tents

Custom pvc tarpaulin material



  1. Laminated technology & Hot-melt Coating technology
  2. Outstanding tearing strength for welding
  3. Flame retardant character (optional)
  4. Temperature resistance: -20–70
  5. Cold Crack Resistance, Anti-Mildew, Anti-Static treatment, Waterproof
  6. Anti ultraviolet treatment(UV).(optional)
  7. Acrylic treatment (optional).



Chemical Compound: E-PVC/S-PVC and Polyester
Base Fabric: 1000D low shrinkage, high strength industrial polyester yarn
Width: 1.02-3.20m
Standard Length: 50m
Durability: 3 years minimum in appropriate conditions
Fabrication Methods: Hot wedge, hot air & high frequency welding


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Ideal for common applications where quality, strength, and durability are prime requirements;

Acrylic lacquering provides extra protection and slef-cleaning function (optional);

High strength industrial polyester yarn enhances physical strength;

Flame retardance applied with B1/NFPA701/DIN75200 (optional);

Various surface finish options like glossy, matte& embossing;

Anti-age and weather resistance performance;

Customized colors available

  • Fire Retardant

Passed a lot of fire testing such as DIN4102 B1, M2, B1 (China)


  • Anti-bacteria and Anti-mildew

The special formula ensures the fabric has very good resistance to microbe,

it’s not easy to be mildewed if dry after raining and washing.


  • Self-Cleaning

Use special chemical surface treatment, the surface is very flat, smooth, less dust absorption, anti-smudge,

so it has a very good self-cleaning property.


  • A Constant Temperature

The fabric can filtrate part of the light and heat, it reduces indoor temperature charge, achieved good

insulation effects.


  • Excellent Strength

The common thickness is 0.33mm-0.50mm, with very good tensile, tear, adhesion strength, comparatively low modulus of elasticity. Hence, the fabric will keep the softness and the tent will keep the size unchanged even under different weather.


  • Light Fastness

Using high quality light fastness raw material, it makes the fabric keeps whiteness for a long time even it’s exposed in the sunshine.


  • Temperature and Weather Resistance

The fabric is mainly used outdoor, with excellent thermo stability and cold resistance ability, antioxidant, durable and long service life.


  • Easy Processing (The most specialty of our fabric is that there will be NO FUZZ EDGE after cutting.)

Easy to weld and make sure the fabric can be flesxible as much as possible for bags,  meanwhile the weld strength is very strong and the fabric is without any fuzz edge, so the bag will be durable.

Common Applications


Pet bed;

Outdoor upholstery

Gym mats & pads;

Advertising banner/ label cutting;

Truck cover/side curtain, trailer cover;

Swimming pool cover, boat cover, equipment cover other covering purposes;

And any other occasion that you may have


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Packing Details:
a.Craft Paper Packing / Pallet Packing
b.Packed by hard tube
c.Packed by master carton box

PVC Fabric application

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