High Pressure ventilation fabric, bringing the fresh air to your mining, tunnels, air plane.. Available in Antistatic

  • Application: Ventilation, Ducting Fabric
  • Construction: PVC and Polyester
  • Type Of Coat: Coated
  • Standard Weight : 450GSM, 550GSM,650GSM, 700GSM or
  • Customized Available
  • Standard Base/ Polyester: 1000*1000
  • Width: 1 to 5m available, common width:2.5m,3m,3.2m
  • Special Treatment: Fire Resistance, UV Resistance, Antistatic.
  • Temperature Resistance: -30℃ to +70℃
  • Environmental Protect: Reach/ Rohs / CPSIA
  • Finishing: Glossy/ Matte/ Lacquer
  • Stock Available: N
  • Packing: in rolls by kraft paper
  • MOQ: 2000LM
  • Advantage Of Fabric: High pressure available.

Product Details

Technical Sheet
Ventilation/ Flexible Ducting Product Code
Total Weight DIN EN ISO 2286-2 450g/m2 13oz/sq.yd 550g/m2 16oz/sq.yd 610g/m2 18oz/sq.yd 650g/m2 19oz/sq.yd 700g/m2 20.5oz/sq.yd 750g/m2 20.5oz/sq.yd
ASTM D-751.10
Yarn Denier 1000x1000D 1000x1000D 2000×2000 1300x1300D 1300x1300D 1000x2000D
Yarn Count Per Inch 9×9 12×12 9×9 12×12 12×12 20×22
Tensile Strength Warp/Weft DIN EN ISO 1421/V1 1500/1500 2000/1900 2200/2100 2500/2300 2500/2300 2700/2500
ASTM D-751 B N/50mm N/50mm N/50mm N/50mm N/50mm N/50mm
Tear Strength Warp/Weft DIN 53363 180/160 250/230 320/280 350/330 360/340 320/320
ASTM D-751 (8“ x 10“) Specimen N N N N N N
Adhesion ASTM D-751 RF Weld 90N/50mm 90N/50mm 90N/50mm 90N/50mm 90N/50mm 90N/50mm
Temperature resistance DIN EN 1876-1 (-40°C/+70°C. (-40°C/+70°C. (-40°C/+70°C. (-40°C/+70°C. (-40°C/+70°C. (-40°C/+70°C.
ASTM D-2136
Fire behaviour ISO 3795 B2 B2 B2 B2 B2 B2
Environmental Protective EU
Surface Treatment Acrylic/PVDF NA NA NA NA NA NA
Weather Protection NA NA NA NA NA NA
Special Property Antistatic Antistatic Antistatic Antistatic Antistatic Antistatic
Available Width Meter 1-3.2m 1-3.2m 1-3.2m 1-3.2m 1-3.2m 1-3.2m