Membrane Structure

Membrane Structure Fabric

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Membrane Structure

The PVC high tenacity fabric can be used as your Structure hall fabric, with isolation to keep temperature or without, heavy duty frame, easy move for warehouse, party tents, workshop etc.

Application: Structure Hall
Construction: PVC and Polyester
Type Of Coat: Coated
Standard Weight : 550GSM, 600GSM, 650GSM, 700GSM, 850GSM, 900GSM, 1050GSM or Customized Available
Standard Base/ Polyester: 1000*1000
Width: 1 to 5m avaialable, common width: 3m,3.2m
Special Treatment: Fire Resistance, UV Resistance
Temperature Resistance: -30℃ to +70℃
Environmental Protect: Reach/ Rohs / CPSIA
Finishing: Glossy/ Matte/ Lacquer
Stock Available: N
Packing: in rolls by kraft paper
MOQ: 2000LM

Advantage Of Fabric:High level of Color fastness, UV proof, surface treatment for easy cleaning

Technical Sheet
Membrane Structure Product Code Type1 Type2 Type3 Type4
Total Weight DIN EN ISO 2286-2 720g/m2 21oz/sq.yd 950g/m2 28oz/sq.yd 1200g/m2 35oz/sq.yd 1400g/m2 41oz/sq.yd
ASTM D-751.10
Yarn Denier 1000x1000D 1000x1000D 1100x1100D 1500x1500D
Yarn Count Per Inch 23×23 15x15panama 15x15panama 16x16panama
Tensile Strength Warp/Weft DIN EN ISO 1421/V1 3200/3000 4200/4000 5200/5000 6200/6000
ASTM D-751 B N/50mm N/50mm N/50mm N/50mm
Tear Strength Warp/Weft DIN 53363 330/320 450/430 500/480 650/600
ASTM D-751 (8“ x 10“) Specimen N N N N
Adhesion ASTM D-751 RF Weld N/50mm N/50mm N/50mm N/50mm
Temperature resistance DIN EN 1876-1 (-40°C/+70°C. (-40°C/+70°C. (-40°C/+70°C. (-40°C/+70°C.
ASTM D-2136
Fire behaviour ISO 3795 B1 B1 B1 B1
Environmental Protective EU REACH REACH REACH REACH
Surface Treatment Acrylic/PVDF Acrylic Acrylic PVDF PVDF
Weather Protection Anti UV/Mildew Anti UV/Mildew Anti UV/Mildew Anti UV/Mildew
Special Property Weldable Weldable Weldable Weldable
Available Width Meter 3m 3m 3m 3m