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600GSM PVC Tarpaulin Fabric

One of the standard product, 600gsm PVC tarpaulin fabric.

Is made of high strength polyester coated both side PVC, is a type of plastic coated waterproof cloth, the polyester as the base cloth to supply high strength and dimension stability, the PVC coated is flexible waterproof, and weldable. the fabric can be made out to be fire resistance, UV resistance, anti fungi, antistatic, as well as great tensile and tearing strength.

The product appearance to be color ful, any color can be produced as per color card like RAL or Pantone, the most popular colors are blue, green, grey, white, yellow, red,  silver, purple etc.

The fabric is mainly made by PVC and polyester, so it named PVC fabric, its different with PE tarpaulin, mainly of the raw material different, the PE is named polyethylene, which is simi crystalline thermoplastic material, usually with a lighter weight at 70-200gsm, the PVC tarpaulin fabric is heavier with a common weight 600gsm, is a type of heavy duty fabric and long lifetime reusable fabric.

Product Details

The PVC Coated fabric 600gsm