Car top carrier bag3

500GSM PVC Tarpaulin Fabric

Waterproof bag fabric for outdoor. Fabric Weight can be 500gsm, 520gsm or 550gsm. at a thickness of around 0.45mm.

The fabric is super soft and flexible, with a construction of 3 layers, polyester layer base cloth for good strength, and PVC layer for adhesion and waterproof, as well as mould and rot resistance.

Commonly used for car top bag, outdoor camping bag, takeaway bag, takeout driver bag, used with its features super soft and strong, 100% waterproof.

This is a product commonly used in our life and often seeing around.

Common colors are Black, yellow, red, grey or camouflage, Available in fabric rolls, with a common with of 1.52m/ 61inch, or custom size to suits your cutting of fabrication.

Ready made outdoor bags available.

A4 Crystal Clear PVC viynl film fabric transparent bag available.

Product Details

PVC Bag Fabric 100% Waterproof