Clear PVC Mesh Tarp

500D PVC Tarpaulin Fabric

The 500D PVC Tarpaulin fabric scrim cristal product are laminated or coated with high level UV protect PVC film and with a high degree of translucency, The scrim gives the fabric a frame of high strength compare to a unsupported clear PVC sheet, Which brings a higher strength to protect from wind, and weather damages, also with the polyester scrims, it become more dimensional stability. Also the polyester yarns are coated with PVC so it is also a great UV protection. Both are extending the lifetime of fabric, compare to super clear PVC rolls, the available width is up to 3.2m, standard length 50m, or depend on your application in agriculture ,vegetable green house, or buildings and warehouses, other applications are also available upon use.

Total Weight DIN EN ISO 2286-2
ASTM D-751.10 440g/m2 13oz/sq.yd
Thickness 0.4mm
Yarn Denier 500x500D
Yarn Count Per Inch 1.2×1.2/cm   3×3/inch
Tensile Strength Warp/Weft DIN EN ISO 1421/V1 1000/1000
ASTM D-751 B N/50mm
Tear Strength Warp/Weft DIN 53363 100/100
ASTM D-751 (8“ x 10“) Specimen N
Adhesion ASTM D-751 RF Weld 80N/50mm
Temperature resistance DIN EN 1876-1 (-30°C/+70°C)
ASTM D-2136
Fire behaviour ISO 3795 Available
Environmental Protective EU REACH
Surface Treatment Acrylic/PVDF NA
Weather Protection Anti UV/Mildew
Special Property
Available Width Meter 0.8-3.2m

Product Details

Crystal PVC also named Cristal PVC