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How to measure size of trailer cover?


Our custom vinyl tarps are ideal for protecting your precious cargo as well as your trailer itself. Our made-to-order tarps can be sized to your exact needs so before ordering we recommend that you read this page in its entirety so that you end up with a tarp that exactly fits your needs. If you have not ordered a tarp before please follow this link to learn about sizing your tarp.

Some of our utility trailer tarps come with seat belt reinforced hems and all with heavy duty rust-proof grommets.

Two common configurations for utility trailer tarps are:

  1. Wrapped Tarps
  2. Fitted Tarps

Before deciding on the type of configuration you want and the size of tarp you need there are a number of things you should consider. Let’s review some things that may influence your tarp order.

Tarp accessary

PVC Fabric application

Wrapped Utility Trailer covers

A wrapped tarp is simply a 2-dimensional (flat) tarp that you use to cover the top of your trailer with extra width and length to allow you to wrap part of the sides of the trailer as well. To size your tarp correctly you will need to decide how far you want the tarp to go down the sides and you have to add this distance to the tarp dimensions. Be sure to add twice the side distance to the length and width of your trailer to determine your tarp dimensions. For example, if your trailer is 4′ x 7′ and you want your tarp to go 1′ down the sides you would order a tarp that is 6′ x 9′. In this case, you would need to wrap the excess corner material when you tie down the tarp. If you zoom into the picture above you will see that this is not a fitted tarp because the corners had to be folded over. You can also tell because the front is lower than the sides.

Fitted Utility trailer covers

Fitted tarps are sized to exactly fit your trailer, kind of like top of a shoe box. With fitted tarps the excess material that normally “bunches” in the corners is removed and the corners are sewn to create a nice tight fit. To order a fitted tarp you must use the advanced custom tarp ordering function which allows you to enter 3-dimensions:

  1. Your trailer length
  2. Your trailer width
  3. The distance that you want the tarp to go down the sides (the tarp height)

Product Features:

Easy on or off in few minutes.

Completely assembled in all area, no loose parts.

No tools required, patented quick fix system.

Available drive with the cover in both open or closed position.

Tailgate lock can provide additional security.

Sleek appearance improved gas mileage.

Safety strap included for secure.


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