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How to choose the right PVC fabric for ready made products?

How to choose the right PVC  fabric for ready made products?

How to choose the right PVC fabric for ready made products, like tarps, water tanks, inflatables, ventilation ducting, screen fence, awning, shade, car parking, façade, dock shelter, dock seals, flexible tanks, membrane structure,

The PVC coated fabric material is offered from 260g/m² to 2000g/m² and they all have their own purpose as mentioned above, for example the tarps can be use a fabric 300-700gsm, the car parking fabric will have a weight of 900gsm or 1100gsm, the dock seals are often comes with 3mm 3500gsm with double layer base cloth sandwich layers design.

If you are distributor or fabricator for the PVC fabric, then you are definitely faced with the problem of which PVC fabric to choose for your product. PVCs come in many different thicknesses and uses. For example, when you search on the Internet, it is very difficult to find an answer to this question. The questions that might arise: which one is the right one, what should be the thickness of the PVC material, what are the special requirements, etc.


There are many different manufacturers of PVC fabric, and in the same way, Readymade PVC fabric products are also offered in different sizes, shapes, and forms.

Inflatable Boat Fabric

For example for inflatable boats, the common fabric weight comes 750gsm, 850gsm, 900gsm, 1050gsm, 1100gsm, 1200gsm, 1400gsm, pure color or two tone color or camouflage design or any other colors design.

There are some important requests to have a good fabric for make inflatable PVC boats.

Flexible, the inflatable boat means the boat will inflate and deflate, when the boat has been produced, it will be folded in a carton or bag for package and sales, the flexibility of the fabric is able to make the boat able to fold thousands times without creases. Also the flexibility means the level of raw material use, when there is a high level of PVC and plasticizer used with good technology of PVC coating, it will comes with good flexibility.

No curve on weft direction, The PVC boat fabric has its frame layer of base cloth made by polyester, it weaved with weft and warp direction, weft is fabric width direction and warp is fabric length direction. to make a inflatable boat, during the process of fabrication, when there is curve on base cloth, it will bring a not straight shape for the boat tubes, this will be effect the looking of boat and not stable(deformity).

Good for gluing or welding. The produce of PVC coated fabric is also a kind of chemical composition, a experience factory know how to make the fabric good for welding by hot air and high frequency or hot wedge welding, as well as for gluing.

Good scratch resistant, the inflatable boat will used for rescue, fishing, matching, where they are mostly in natural area, it can be scratch by invisible or uncontrollable by stone, tree branch, river levee etc, they are breaking the fabric of inflatable boat, a good scratch resistant fabric is increasing the lifetime of the boat.

Corrosion resistant, the boat can use in a river also can be in the sea, the sea water and sun is a high corrosion to the fabric, this is also very important to a good fabric.

High airtightness, this is the most important for the safety of inflatable boat and longer the time to use after inflate.

Structure PVC Hall

For example for the PVC halls, it should have a PVC coating material of at least 900g/m².

As these types of constructions are classified under B1 or Bs2d0, PVC must be varnished with fireproof varnish. Otherwise, there will be problems in obtaining a permit for the building.B1 or Bs2d0, Fire-safety class also requires that PVC material must have a fire-resistance certificate. Fire resistance is achieved either with varnish or with one component of PVC mass. Different manufacturers take different approaches. Truck tarpaulins, slurry tank covers, and other non-construction PVC coatings are made with very less fire proof ability when there is no further request. They are not suitable fabric for PVC halls, which is used as a warehouse.

The fabrics we use are lacquered on both sides. This ensures better UV

How to choose the right PVC fabric specification?

You can contact our sales department, who can help you with any questions.

What conditions should be considered when choosing PVC material?

Depend on the area of use, for example if the fabric will used in a cold area, it must be have ability to keep flexible during -30℃ to -40℃, if you are in a high UV area, the fabric should have a good ability to anti UV.

What to consider when choosing a PVC cover for another purpose or for a truck tarpaulin, for example? Look at what the manufacturer offers, the truck’s tent has dozens of details besides PVC. Cheap solutions don’t conduct high quality.


What does PVC coating consist of? On both sides, fabric is covered with an acrylic lacquering, which is dirt repellent and prolongs the product’s life. The next layer is a coating, which gives the product the required protective features. Follows undercoat, which makes the surface adhere to the base fabric. The base fabric is the main element of the product, it gives the product the required strength.

For any inquiry or questions please feel free to contact our sales team.

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