How a ventilation ducting bring fresh air?


The construction of our venti-ducts includes specialized PVC-coated polyester fabric, wire ropes for section coupling, metal coupling clamps for better coupling and locking suspension hooks. In particular the fabric of the venti-ducts offers exceptional tear and tensile strengths. It doesn’t tear even if it is exposed to the highest air pressures of the ventilator or any cause of damage. It also has surface resistant characteristics, and as for its flame resistance, it meets fire and toxicity criteria.


High quality Pvc industrial flexible duct

Property: *Can be easily cut at the required length and taped at both sides

Fabric ducting is mounted in the room or space being conditioned. There is no stock product, each duct is designed specifically to deliver the air pattern and velocity required for the room. Because there’s a lot more surface area of ducting within the space when using a textile diffuser system the air distribution is much improved and can be designed for a variety of purposes.

High performance materials allow cooling below dew point without condensation and micro-perforation technology delivers air without draughts. Nozzles are available for heating and long throw applications. Bends, transitions, branches, changes in height or direction are all possible. Sections zip together to form the system designed and our fabrics are available in a range of colours and printing options.

Our Fabric Ducting has been developed specifically for the purpose of delivering air into a variety of environments. Our ducting systems are rugged and built to last and come with a warranty. Capital cost is low and maintenance is quick and easy.


Food ventilation

Cleanroom ventilation

Laboratory ventilation

Commercial ventilation


Food production often involves a lot of process machinery and people which can lead to quite high heat energy loads. Typical room temperature requirements can be anywhere between +4oC and +18oC in production areas. High heat loads and low room temperatures lead to lots of cooling demand.

Ventilation for marquees and temporary structures

Marquees and other light or temporary structures often have little or no air movement or very crude ad-hoc systems with large holes cut in them.  It doesn’t have to be this way!

We have systems that will deliver intensive cooling or heating through long lasting light weight systems that are effective as well as aesthetic. We design each system individually to fit the space and ensure that the diffusion design allows for maximum comfort for the users in the space.


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