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Dock shelter loading system made by pvc fabric?

Dock shelters are used to protect loading and unloading temprature, dusts or bad weather like raining, snowing, and also view protect. It is suitable for any size of truck and trailers. It is flexible, any size available upon request, and the fabric is weather proof.

Depend on the design and applications, it has different types like inflatalble dock seals, general dock seals and dock shelters, used in different area, inflatable dock seals are mainly use for warehouse/workshop who have to keep temperatures, it is the solution for energy saving, and keep cleaning.

Dock shelters are enclosures around loading dock doors that create a perimeter seal around the outside of the trailer. They help to protect people, product, and the building’s controlled environment from the outside elements. The curtains have fiberglass stiffeners sewn into them so they apply pressure to the sides and top of the trailers. A dock shelter provides full access to the back opening of the trailer. This full access allows the forklift operators to do their job more efficiently without any interference from the dock shelter.

In general, the benefits of a dock shelter are many. By their design they are able to fit larger dock doors and service a wide variety of trailer heights and sizes. They are also less susceptible to damage from daily wear and tear since they are not designed to be compressed by the trailers like dock seals.

Covering almost all production, logistics and warehousing industry.


Common dimension for dock shelters:



Depend on the fabrication type, we have high frequency welding with rubber cores or typical stitch with the rubber cores. A wide selection of durable coated fabrics provide maximum durability.

Highly resilient, open-celled polyurethane foam keeps original shape and compresses easily to extend seal life.

Side pad bottoms are tapered to avoid pinching and wear.

Provides an excellent barrier to water runoff from the top of trailers , especially in declined docks. Useful for automatically sealing a wide range of trailer sizes that back into the same loading dock. The deflector is designed to fit over all seals and almost any type of shelter.

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