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PVC Fabric Wholesale Supplier Manufacturer China

HuaWei PVC Fabric

We have start our production since 1997 with 4 sets of Carl Mayer warp knitting machine, after 4 years development the company has it’s own land and the owner decide to start production of pvc fabric, during the year 2001 the lamination line and calendar line starting make flex banner fabric. The volume growth very fast and during year of 2003 the first knife coated line was installed, and in the same time the company has products range of truck cover, tarpaulin, inflatable fabric, membrane structure, tents fabric, swimming pool fabric, mesh,  flex banner etc. in the year of 2009 we have our line of max width 5.1m semi coated pvc fabric.

Hot Products

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About our PVC fabric

The ranges of pvc fabric including laminated, coated, and crystal pvc also mesh fabric to cover most of the applications. To produce a good product, experience and responsibility is become the most important as nowadays machines and raw material are not having a big difference, we use weaving looms by Picanol, Sulzer, and Dornier, Taiwan Calendar line, German KKA Coating line.

With our 23years on producing and marketing, we understand for different application it requires a different fabric performance, and each market is having its behavior of preferred specific, we learn from our customers and we keep moving forward. Our fabric used for tarpaulins, truck cover, inflatables, tents, ventilation, all kinds of covers, swimming pool, boat, water tank, shades, bags, membrane structure/architecture, etc. which are highly performed. With a one stop solution supplier, it is advantage of reduce supply chain risk and stable quality, and delivery time guarantee.

The advantage of our fabric which were obviously beyond the general standards. 1, Ability of weather proof, in the nature, there are lot of things can damage a fabric, strong sunshine/ High UV, Acid rain, strong wind, dust, mildew and bacterial, low temperature or too high temperature, those can make the fabric less lifetime and even tear or dead to make the covered things a great risk, or the product itself in risky situation, especially when it is use as boat, swimming pool, inflatable castles. We use high tenacity polyester yarn to make sure the fabric has a great frame, and enough density to make sure it always beyond specific sheets. The imported first class raw material like UV, pigment is again a guarantee of a longer lifetime of the pvc fabric. The mas width of the fabric is 5.1m, the advantage for seamless required applications.

Our main market are USA, Europe and South America, the main product like lumber tarp, steel tarp for trucks, tent fabric for all kinds of tents, party tents, wedding tents, rental tents, as well as clear pvc for the windows. Side curtain fabric, and many of general applications.

Certifications are obviously very important to some of applications like water tank, also all fabric to Europe requires a REACH compliant, for children playground it requires a safety for humanity like example CPSIA or 10p free.

Except the facility of weaving, calendaring, laminating and coating we also have a division of ready made product department which can cover all your requirements of ready made designs, automatic cutting table, hot air welding, high frequency welding, as well as stitching are used to make different shapes of final product.

Our sales represent are well educated and all of them are having a deep learning of the pvc fabric before they can start to sell a fabric, till now most of the sales represent are working average 8-10years, any of the questions related to the fabric we will be glad to support.

We do care product quality and customer satisfaction as first priority. We are professional pvc fabric manufacturer in China, if you need reliable pvc fabric supplier, feel free to contact us!